Where Are the Women in STEM? Sweatshirt


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Women in STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) are wildly underrepresented, underpaid and under-celebrated in comparison to their male counterparts. Featured on your shirt are STEM leaders Katherine Johnson, Marie Curie, Grace Hopper, Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall, Tu Youyou, Rosalind Franklin and Elizabeth Blackwell. These women are responsible for some of the most groundbreaking advancements in STEM including the development of radioactivity, malaria treatment, NASA trajectories, DNA understanding and computer "linkers." They represent only 8 out of the many women who continue to make advancements in the vast world of STEM today. If you don’t already know who they are, take some time to learn their stories and help make theirs (and others) a household name.

Sweatshirt featuring portraits of STEM leaders on the front and a few jarring facts about women in STEM on the back.

10% of all proceeds are donated to the Global Fund for Women. To learn more or to make a donation directly, click here.

Screen printed
Available in Unisex Adult sizes Small, Medium, and Large.
Fit: preshrunk, Unisex sweatshirts run slightly big for a comfy fit. For a more fitted feel, order a size down.
Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester.