DEVON by Devon Grimes is an ongoing exploration of the world in which fine art meets design. On this platform, Devon gives herself permission to creatively explore what she wants without parameters or cohesion. Featured themes are based on specific aspects of Devon’s daily life that excite and inspire her. Her works on paper draw from her lifelong obsession of linear movement and unsuspecting color relationships. She explores her subjects in planes of shape that she then flattens with color. Although she prefers to study the human face, she has found that flowers make for an interesting substitute.

Interested in applying her portraits onto wearable product, she designed her first commissioned top which eventually sparked her creation of the “Where Are the Women?” sweatshirts and the birth of Devon's brand.

Devon's recent paintings can be seen in Issue 20 of Ginger Magazine. Her "little guy" paintings are regularly updated on her Instagram. Sold on a first to DM basis. Take a look there when you need a new little doodle for your home.

Raised in Virginia, Devon currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Photo by Doan Ly